Stonework story

Stonework collage a Most of the stonework at The Parkwood was lovingly crafted by an amazing gentleman, Daniel Nyalungu. We haven’t seen this gifted stonemason for many years but we will not forget him. Daniel, an elderly man, tall, stately & almost ethereal would pick up a heavy rock and almost caress it. He would feel every angle it had to offer & then place it exactly where it seemed to fit, seldom changing his mind. At the end of a day he would stand back, balancing on one leg and squint at his work but no wall was ever just a wall. He would describe each walls own story as it progressed. Some were pastures with rivers and cattle, some were night scape’s with moons and stars.Very sweetly, we would each always feature as a particular stone and he would proudly point out our positions. I am sure that most of Westcliff has his signature to it & we hope this gentle genius is still out there crafting his stonework stories!