Roomy rooms…..

D0C6F30B-1922-4A31-832B-5D46432560B8   At The Parkwood we believe that space is luxury! Having travelled quite a lot we have more often than not been subjected to really small rooms which are seen as the norm, especially in Europe.There is nothing more frustrating than having to climb over your suitcase to get to the bar fridge. As a result, even our “baby” room as we fondly call it is bigger than most Parisian hotel rooms by far. Most of our rooms have seating areas and enclosed private gardens so that you can sleep with your doors open should you wish to. We also believe in spacious bathrooms…so you will never find a bath/shower combo in one at our hotel. Baths , showers and toilets all have their separate spaces, the way it should be.Most rooms have a lovely outlook onto gardens , pools , ponds or their own enclosed garden to appreciate. Its so important to have a “green lung” ie: plants, trees, gardens and fresh air to enhance your feeling of well being.It is so oppressive being stuck in a small room without light, air and an outlook. So many of our guests say that they find it surprisingly peaceful and calm at The Parkwood even though we are situated in a fairly busy suburb in a bustling city.