Any excuse to light a fire….

1F389E49-BFEC-4F81-AA3E-CC27F8F99DC5I know that we are very spoilt with our extremely mild weather here in the Highveld. We have so many foreign guests comment on how wonderfully warm it is here in Johannesburg whilst we are dressed in boots and jackets, especially me! I feel the cold really easily and am the first to suggest lighting the fire. I also start stockpiling firewood as early as April, in fact it is not even mid April and we have already had the fire going in The Parkwood dining room and lounge area for the past three nights. I luckily have an ally in Patricia, our Guest Relations Manager who previously worked at a magnificent Karoo farm lodge in Kuilfontein and it gets seriously cold during their winters, so her favourite pastime is to build a big log fire. Our guests can be sure that they will not be cold when they stay at The Parkwood. The winter duvets are on the beds and the banana bread and muffins are in the oven!